Because the peripartum period deserves a unique set of therapeutic interventions and collaborations, I provide my services through home visits.

Collaborating before and after birth helps with the adjustments of this intense transitional period and to accommodate your physical and emotional state. 

Having a long history in home outreach I feel comfortable and confident in the supportive nature of this setting. 


Areas of focus and skill building:

  • Assessment and history taking

  • Anxiety management

  • Baby blues vs depression

  • Preparing for birth

  • Safety assessment and planning

  • Support building

  • Relationship transitions

  • Sibling integration

  • Infertility

  • Birth trauma healing

  • Exploring the option of medication management

  • Feeding issues

  • Returning to work

  • Childcare

  • Attachment and bonding

  • Grieving and birth

  • Community and other resources

  • Worksheets to help with skill building


Other Services:

  • Midwife / doula consultant

  • Community development volunteer

  • Group facilitator

  • Discussion panel member